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Seminar in Switzerland – Recap Day 5

PR & Communications Blogpost #5

On the final day of our Seminar in Switzerland, we kicked off the morning with the Company Walk and Career Fair, providing an invaluable opportunity for companies to showcase themselves and engage with potential future employees – the student delegations themselves. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Landi Schweiz AG, DT Swiss, Accenture, UBS, Hoffmann Partner, KPMG, and offer a special acknowledgment to Next Career Services for their invaluable support and seamless organization of this enriching event.

In the afternoon, the delegation gathered for our World Coffee Talk, a collaborative session to reflect on the week’s experiences. We utilized a fun twist by incorporating M&M candies, with each color representing different aspects of the seminar – from keynote speeches to workshops. Participants engaged in group discussions, sharing insights and reflections prompted by the candies they selected. This interactive approach fostered meaningful dialogue and deepened our understanding of the seminar’s impact on our personal and academic growth.

Following this, we were privileged to have Mr. Hellmer Rahms from Google deliver an insightful keynote address, marking the commencement of the Creativity Challenge. This challenge tasked delegations from different ISPs with crafting a compelling narrative using recycled materials such as cartons and leftover cloth, showcasing their learnings from the Seminar in Switzerland.

Before the formal conclusion of the Seminar in Switzerland, former delegation members were invited to share their insights and answer questions regarding the upcoming Seminar Abroad, providing invaluable guidance and inspiration to current participants.

The day culminated in an Apero organized by all ISPs, serving as a fitting conclusion to our time together as we shared our excitement one last time before bidding farewell and returning home.

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