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2020 has brought us to a sequence of unfamiliar accounts that demand flexibility and quick decision-making. While we understand the worries and concerns of delegators, our management team has enabled corporations to work simultaneously with related parties to meet the current situation.

In July, we had a discussion with representatives from the Vietnamese embassy and received tremendous support from this government. Countless decisions had to be made considering the circumstances, government policies, and our partners, delegators, and other institutions.

A variety of implementations and solutions have been discussed to operate a successful project.
The coronavirus could be one of the biggest challenges for us as it does globally, however, the exploreASEAN team has committed to work under this circumstances in order to deliver to our delegators an unforgettable experience.

Your exploreASEAN 20/21 team

This Years Theme

Explore the potential of ASEAN and find out why ASEAN’s tomorrow is smart, digital and sustainable


The people of ASEAN spend worldwide the most time on their smartphones. This high use of mobile connectivity offers a great framework for a truly connected world.


Digital transformation is taking place all over the world. Due to COVID-19 this transformation is happening at an unprecedented speed, leading us to a “new normal life” in which technologies are going to play a crucial role.


Corporate social responsibility became a core value in today’s business world. Firms aim to act in a transparent and environmentally conscious fashion.

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