Julia Meyenberg

"I strive to contribute to the success of the project by ensuring efficient information flow between stakeholders and providing organizational structure."


Tschi Yin Huynh

"Building trusted relationships with people from different areas and countries is important to succeed in our well-connected environment."


" It is critical in our interconnected economy and society to extend personal and professional horizons and learn about great expanding nations."

Nilka Esmeralda Abreu Forne


Emanuele Konzelmann

"With exploreASEAN, students in their final year can take advantage of the unique opportunity to get personally involved with politics and business in Switzerland and the ASEAN region."

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exploreASEAN 22/23

We proudly represent the project team 22/23 of the prestige exploreASEAN student project.

During the 8th edition of exploreASEAN we will dive into the production and the use of renewable energy and explore companies that own innovative automation technologies. 

In this edition, we will focus on three countries, each of which can showcase how to use renewable energy and develop automation technologies – Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia.

In line with our vision, „Building Bridges for Young Talents”, our project objective is to provide students with the excellent opportunity to access the ASEAN markets and to establish a professional network in Southeast Asia.

Moreover, we want to empower our delegation to gain a deeper understanding of the ASEAN region and a more profound knowledge of their business environment, which is crucial to today’s global economy.

Your exploreASEAN 22/23 team

This Year’s Theme

Shaping the future with renewable energy and automation

Renewable Energy

Due to fundamental changes in the energy market, we explore the possibilities of renewable energy in three ASEAN countries


Due to climate change and the cost of energy resources, we explore automation development in three ASEAN countries.

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