exploreASEAN 23/24

We are honored to represent the 2023/2024 project team of the prestigious international student project exploreASEAN, carrying on the mantle of excellence of our predecessors.

In the 9th edition of exploreASEAN, our focus is on the exploration of emerging digital and robotic solutions that enable a crucial transition from conventional sustainability paradigms to a more advanced circular economy.

Our journey will span three nations – Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand – each demonstrating different approaches to circular business solutions and driving innovation in the areas of digitalization and robotics.

Guided by our overarching vision “Building Bridges for Young Talents” our primary objective is to provide students with unique access to ASEAN markets and to facilitate the creation of a robust professional network within Southeast Asia.

Furthermore, we aim to provide our delegation with a comprehensive understanding of the ASEAN region, nurturing a profound grasp of the interconnected business ecosystem that remains pivotal in today’s global economy.

Your exploreASEAN 2023/2024 team

David, Ronny, Dave, Romano, Grégory, Teresa, Luca

This Year’s Theme

Beyond Growth: Embracing Digitalization and Robotics in Circular Economy


Digitalization in ASEAN is rapidly transforming the region’s economic and social landscape. This year, we explore the possibilities of this enhanced cross-border collaboration within the ASEAN community..


Robotics is reshaping industries across ASEAN by introducing automation and efficiency. The 9th edition explores the advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics technology and their impact on different industry sectors.


Circularity is gaining momentum across ASEAN, revolutionizing how resources are used and managed. In the current year, we dive into the opportunities unlocked by ASEAN’s circularity initiatives.

This Year’s Destinations

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