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Contributing to the educational forthgoing and intercultural exchange of this year’s delegation, exploreASEAN offers you the opportunity to access a diverse pool of potential future employees whilst benefiting from knowledge transfer and a platform to present your organisation.

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With you as a partner, we are eager to delve deeper into the ASEAN region’s expertise in advancing Digitalization and Robotics within Circular Economy initiatives. We cordially invite you to join us in forging a mutually beneficial partnership as we embark on this exciting project together.

Exclusive Access to CV Pools
You will be granted access to all CVs of the delegation members. As the delegation is an exclusive selection of talented students in their final year, you may find the perfect fit for one of your vacancies among them.

Networking & Knowledge Transfer
Become a member of the FHNW network, which includes companies from various industries and (non)-governmental organizations. Profit from the knowledge of young talents and have the opportunity to bond with onsite companies benefiting from insights into differentiated product offerings and processes. Our objective here is to create a supportive platform for those vital connections and networking purposes.

Access to highly motivated & talented Students
FHNW hosts more than 10’000 students on four campuses (Basel, Brugg, Olten and Muttenz). Numerous degree programs are offered by the FHNW, such as International Management, System-Engineering, and Applied Psychology. The wide diversity of degree programs ensures a variety of students with interests in different areas. Through various campus project activities, we are raising awareness for your institution – your chance to get in touch with possible future employees.


Blaser supports the International Student Projects, because it is an investment in our future experts and management. As a globally active company, we are aware of the challenges, which are faced every day in the interconnected business world. This project opens its participants eyes to another culture, broadens their horizon and most importantly, makes them aware of dynamic business and growth potential in markets around the world.

Marc Blaser, CEO Blaser Swisslube

ASEAN does and will continue to matter. The diversity of the ASEAN member states, the geographical location as well as the economic progress of the region create an exceptional environment. I am convinced that exploreASEAN will inspire the students to deepen their knowledge about Southeast Asia and may even kick-off careers for these young professionals with a focus on the ASEAN region.

Mr. Niklaus Glatthard, Speaker Preparation Seminar 2018
Swiss-Asian Chamber of Commerce

In 17 days we visited 3 countries, 10 companies, 5 universities, participated in a variety of cultural events and also engaged in sightseeing activities. For example, visiting a garment factory, where thousands of Vietnamese workers produce sportswear from companies such as Adidas or Nike provided new insights into the process of globalization and its consequences. The exploreASEAN Team did a wonderful job to make this trip a memorable experience to all participants!

Prof. Dr. Mathias Binswanger

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