Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to apply for more than one project at the same time?

Yes, but you need to prioritise your first, second and third choice. As projects are often oversubscribed, there is no guarantee that you will be considered for your 2nd or 3rd priority projects.

What do I need to hand in to apply?

Your CV, an internal FHNW referee (only name and e-mail address – must be a member of FHNW staff), and a copy of your passport. There will also be four questions on our websites concerning the motivation to join the project which you need to answer.

What are the relevant dates for the delegation?

Seminar in Switzerland: 14.02. – 18.02.2022, Seminar Abroad: 07.04. – 22.04.2022, closing event 09.05.2022

Is there a special rule regarding compulsory attendance at the Seminar in Switzerland for part-time students? Or do they have to take a week off?

The attendance is mandatory – there is no special dispensation for part-time students.

Do we get the ECTS, even if the Seminar in Switzerland cannot be held?

In any case you will get the 5 ECTS, the seminars will not be cancelled. Even if they cannot take place onsite, we will find suitable solutions.

Do students applying as delegation members need to be vaccinated Covid-19? What is the policy communicated?

This decision may vary for the different projects. Please contact the responsible project team. Please be aware that we are always subject to the current regulations regarding Covid-19 (Seminar in Switzerland -> FHNW regulations, Seminar Abroad -> respective country as well as airline regulations).

What if I am not vaccinated? Who pays for the tests?

This is not clear at this point in time. We are planning that we can finance this out of our project budget, but we do not know yet.

How are the covid safety regulations applied during the project (Seminar in Switzerland and Seminar Abroad)?

During the Seminar in Switzerland, the FHNW will apply all required rules as defined at national, cantonal and FHNW level and applicable at the time of the seminar. Application of regulations during the study tour will depend on local conditions and requirements.

What happens if I test positive shortly before travelling and need to quarantine?

A student or staff member in quarantine would not be able to travel.  At this point in time, we do not have a binding answer for that question.

Can we switch projects in case we cannot travel?

Last year, this was not possible. We suppose that this year it will not be the case as well.

When will be decided if we can travel or not?

As close to the Seminar Abroad as possible, however a first decision is made in December 2021. You will be informed as soon as the delegation has been communicated and more information is available. Please be aware that due to the current situation, the travel decision is always subject to change and we all need to stay flexible.

Do we get the ECTS, even if we would not travel?

In any case you will get the 5 ECTS, if you hand in your work correctly and attend all the mandatory events 100%.

Do we get back the whole amount if we cannot travel?

Depending on the (travel) scenario you will get back a part or all of your money.