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ASEAN+ in the Global Value Chain
Gain & Sustain

The world is a complex value chain, a network of organizations that work collaboratively to move products and services from producers to consumers. The world we have become accustomed to will no longer exist without supply chains. This is the reason why we want dive into the complex world of global value chains and the positioning of ASEAN+ in those growing dynamics. Due to the rapid growth, sustainable potential and fast pace of innovation, the value chain of ASEAN+ is an interesting destination for tomorrow’s investors.


Value chains exist to connect producers and consumers in an ongoing exchange of value. As a result, innovations in value chain drives innovations in the rest of the economy. Hence this project will investigate the position of ASEAN+ in the global value chain and how their role might be strengthened or challenged.


Value chains are to human civilization what oxygen is to life; When they work well, no one notices them. It is only when they start to fail that we realize there is a problem. For this reason the value chain is an integral part of a company which will face many challenges of transformational change in the next few years. Therefore, we will explore what difficulties, innovations and opportunities those changes will bring upon ASEAN+ and how their competitiveness can be sustained.

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