Our Theme

Shaping the future with renewable energy and automation

Motivated to contribute to a more sustainable future, this year’s exploreASEAN edition will focus on renewable energy and automation. Thereby, the goal is to explore organisations that produce and use renewable energy and also companies that own innovative automation technologies.

Renewable Energy

RENEWABLE ENERGY is an inexhaustible, environment-friendly, and thus more sustainable form of energy. Economic and technological development, as well as the current political situation are changing the energy market fundamentally, indicating great value to learn about and develop in renewable energy. Additionally, today’s energy decisions greatly affect present and future generations and thus should be given utmost importance.


AUTOMATION is the development and implementation of technology to create and distribute goods and services with little human intervention. While improving process control, reducing lead times, and increasing output, automation also decreases energy consumption. Due to climate change and the cost of energy resources, this is nowadays even more important than ever.

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