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ASEAN One Entity
Smart, Digital, Sustainable

Over the last several years ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) maintained a strong and steady economic progress showing the enormous potential that lies in this region. As a result of closer economic and political collaboration – the establishment of trade agreements combined with the promotion of peace and stability – poverty declined significantly and GDP rates grew rapidly. The COVID-19 outbreak has brought immediate disruptions worldwide affecting also the region of ASEAN. Collective steps, effective communication, and transparency have helped ASEAN handle the pandemic well so far. 


The people of ASEAN spend worldwide the most time on their smartphones. This high use of mobile connectivity offers a great framework for a truly connected world. ASEAN has already started its foundation with the ASEAN Smart City Network which will use the synergies of multiple connected and intelligent cities from all over southeast Asia. Growth, mobility, and environmental protection are all challenges those cities are facing. The concepts to these problems need to be smart, hence intelligent, flexible, and sustainable. Smart concepts are therefore holistic, future, and development oriented. The surroundings they create become technologically advanced, greener, and more socially inclusive


Digital transformation is taking place all over the world. Due to COVID-19 this transformation is happening at an unprecedented speed, leading us to a “new normal life” in which technologies are going to play a crucial role. As the fastest growing internet market in the world, ASEAN’s digital economy is estimated to grow significantly. With the adoption and integration of new technologies, ASEAN’s digital future looks very promising bringing tremendous opportunities for such a striving economy. By improving the infrastructure for existing and new technologies, as well as the connectivity the ASEAN region can bring forward further spurring innovations. 


Corporate social responsibility became a core value in today’s business world. Firms aim to act in a transparent and environmentally conscious fashion. Compared to a few years ago, sustainable business practices are now progressively being prioritized. These new strategies and standards are set not only by companies but also by governments and various organizations. The ASEAN region today faces many challenges related to sustainability such as reduced air and water quality as well as waste management issues, all of which are usually by-products of their strong economic growth. To ensure sustainable growth, companies must act in contemplation of the partnering country when doing business to preserve and ensure ASEAN’s long-term development and growth. 

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