Our Theme

Beyond Growth: Embracing Digitalization and Robotics in Circular Economy

Driven by the paradigm shift from linear to circular, the 9th edition of exploreASEAN will focus on the emerging horizons of a net positive future driven by the twin engines of digitalization and robotics. In this dynamic landscape, we seek to discover visionary organizations where innovation, robotics and digital prowess converge to shape a future that thrives with a net positive impact. Join us in our journey of limitless potential, where professionalism meets progress.


DIGITALIZATION is reshaping business landscapes. By integrating technology into every facet, it optimizes processes, enhances customer experiences, and unlocks vast data insights. Future businesses embracing digitalization gain agility, efficiency, and innovation, securing a competitive edge in an increasingly interconnected and tech-driven world.


ROBOTICS, paired with AI, are revolutionizing industries. Automation improves precision and accelerates productivity. This transformative duo is expanding human capabilities and paving the way for smarter, more efficient and more adaptable businesses to ensure their competitiveness and success.


CIRCULARITY is changing the paradigms of the economy. It promotes sustainability through renewable practices, the reduction of waste and the promotion of resource efficiency. A circular economy encourages innovation, minimizes environmental impact and aligns with the values of responsible consumers. It heralds a future where economic growth and environmental well-being are in harmony.

Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, United Nations Member States embraced the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, uniting for global peace and prosperity. This framework, comprised of 17 interconnected Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs), paves the path towards a harmonious future for both humanity and the planet. We focus on three goals from the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in this year’s 9th edition.