Why choose us?

exploreASEAN is young and dynamic which strives for an innovative approach within the project. With our topic “Coopetition in ASEAN” we are investigating an important aspect that a multinational organization such as ASEAN brings along with it.

Joining our Delegation means that you will get a diverse insight by visiting countries that have not just clearly economic differences, but also cultural ones. By discovering the mindsets of the countries population, we are convinced you are going to expand your own one.

With the support of a selected sustainable project, or by means of reducing the consumption of paper and ink to the minimum, exploreASEAN aims to integrate the sustainability of the project in all ways. Each of our delegation members will contribute a vital part to our sustainability program that is of crucial importance for us. If also your personal goal is to contribute to a better sustainable world, without doubt exploreASEAN is right for you.



What makes us unique?


Founded in 2015, our project is the youngest among the other international student projects of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. “Building Bridges for Young Talents” was the founder’s vision to be carried on through the years by the project managers. As a young project we want to connect our Swiss students to the South-East-Asian corporate world and bring these two cultures together to build the bridge which our vision stands for. 

Build YOUR Bridge



Make it happen and build your own bridge at exploreASEAN to get the most out of this unique experience that is ahead of you. Come on board with us and join our delegation!