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Project Manager exploreASEAN

0012 exploreASEAN Kaltrina Buqa
0013 exploreASEAN Kaltrina Buqa

Kaltrina Buqa

Project Coordination & Onsite Seminar

My main task is the coordination of the project within the team as well as with other stakeholders such as the School of Business.

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David Grossenbacher

Partnership & Finance

My main tasks are maintaining relationships with our current partners, as well as acquiring new ones.

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Gabriel Hardy

PR & Media

My main responsibility is to manage the media appearance of our project and foster a positive project image.

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0014 exploreASEAN Caroline Niederhauser
0015 exploreASEAN Caroline Niederhauser

Caroline Niederhauser

Preparatory Seminar

Before the actual trip to the ASEAN countries takes place, it is crucial to provide the participants with the necessary skills and knowledge.

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Communication Team exploreASEAN

Jasmin Tobler

Communication Team

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Valerie Adam

Communication Team

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Supervisor exploreASEAN

Professor Dr. Teresa Freiburghaus

Profesor Dr. Teresa Freiburghaus, exploreASEAN | FHNW
Title Head of South East Asia Center
Function Project Supervisor
Institution School of Business, FHNW

exploreASEAN aims to assist students to recognize and design unique, innovative business opportunities, based on the analysis of local conditions and their own individual skills. On the other hand, to train students how to apply their classroom knowledge to practice, and how to achieve their goals successfully. It is a great pleasure for me to be supervisor of exploreASEAN project.

Founders of exploreASEAN

Founders of exploreASEAN, Mitja Messerli, Deborah Müller, Ellen Spinnler, Lawrence Morillo, Asean
Mitja Messerli, Deborah Müller, Ellen Spinnler, Lawrence Morillo

One year full of great experiences, overcoming challenges and one or the other adventure has come to an end for us as Project Team of exploreASEAN 2015/2016.
It was our greatest pleasure to launch exploreASEAN as one of the International Student Projects of the FHNW - for us, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We have learned a lot and enjoyed the pronounced team work.

Starting with setting up the whole project, planning the seminars and finally travelling and sharing our experiences with our delegation and diverse companies were the main parts. The memories will last for sure.

We would like to thank all involved parties for making this experience possible and would like to close with our favorite quote by Franz Jo:
“Take a limitation and turn it into an opportunity. Take an opportunity and turn it into an adventure by dreaming big”.

Founders of exploreASEAN Ellen, Lawrence, Mitja, Deborah