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Project Management Team exploreASEAN 

Jesse Chung

Project Coordination & Communication

My main task is the coordination of the project within the team as well as with other stakeholders such as the School of Business.

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Florence Widmann

Partnership & Finance

My main tasks are planning, coordinating and monitoring the financial resources of the project, as well as maintaining relationships with our Partners.

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Susan Prada

Preparatory Seminar

As it is crucial to provide our participants with the necessary skills and knowledge, my main responsibility includes the organization of an insightful Preparatory Seminar.

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Kevin Sommer

On-Site seminar

My main responsibility is to organize a rewarding On-Site seminar that offers our delegation thorough insight into the ASEAN community.

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Communication Team exploreASEAN

Anita Ferrara

Communication Team

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Linh My Nguyen

Communication Team

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Supervisor exploreASEAN

Professor Dr. Teresa Freiburghaus

Profesor Dr. Teresa Freiburghaus, exploreASEAN | FHNW
Title Head of South East Asia Center
Function Project Supervisor
Institution School of Business, FHNW

exploreASEAN aims to assist students to recognize and design unique, innovative business opportunities, based on the analysis of local conditions and their own individual skills. On the other hand, to train students how to apply their classroom knowledge to practice, and how to achieve their goals successfully. It is a great pleasure for me to be supervisor of exploreASEAN project.