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Since the beginning of exploreASEAN we attach great importance to sustainable actions. As an international project we aim to act responsible and adequate concerning environmental issues. Our objective is to organize our production and our business in economically efficient and environment friendly ways. To ensure the implementation of those goals we strive to attain several business principles and standards.

- Webserver and datacenter are run CO2 neutral

In order to compensate the CO2 emissions the Hydropower project in Indonesia is supported

- Use of recycled material
  e.g. business cards, USB sticks

- Choosing CO2 neutral partners and suppliers where possible

- Reduction of paper-, toner- & ink consumption and no surplus of print media

  e.g.use of USB stick instead of print media

- Waste avoidance

- Being recognized as a project that is actively concerned with the issue of climate change

- Sensitizing participants, partners and suppliers to relevant environmental issues