Supporters 2019/2020

“Bildxzug – Lehre im Verbund” is a competent, innovative and experienced host company since 1998. Together with international education partners, bildxzug educates professionally apprentices from the commercial area, mediamatics and information technology and engages in sustainable development and support for apprentices. ​

Jakob Rope Systems is a manufacturer and supplier of architectural ropes of stainless steel as well as of a comprehensive product range in the area of rope and hoisting technology. Strengths such as expertise and fabrication techniques are harnessed to get results with a customer-specific focus. 

Jakob Rope Systems sets international standards in architecture.
Aestheticsinnovation and functionality in the areas of stainless steel ropes and wire rope nets are reflected in our numerous and successful projects. The products are used and appreciated both by architects and metal construction companies as well as by end users. 
Jakob Rope Systems operates in more than 40 countries.

In 2008, its subsidiary, Jakob Saigon LTD, started production in a newly established factory in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Today, Jakob Saigon LTD employs more than 400 people and has plans to build a new production site, offering space for 600 employees.

Adam Watches is a Swiss jewellery rerailter, active in the upper- and luxury watch segment. Its store is located in the heart of Olten (Switzerland) at ​Hübelistrasse 19, 4600 Olten.