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About Mission – Vision

Building Bridges Step by Step

exploreASEAN Slogan Building Bridges Step by Step

„Building Bridges for Young Talents” is the foundation and heart of our project vision. We provide young talents with the great opportunity to access the ASEAN markets and to establish a professional network in Southeast Asia.

Transferring knowledge between Switzerland and ASEAN, as well as exploring local conditions in economical, cultural and environmental terms, surrounds our vision. In addition, a supportive networking platform shall be established to connect companies and delegation members and let them benefit from exploreASEAN

Year after year, more and more ASEAN member states will be explored and graduates will benefit from a knowledge platform and be best prepared for their journey to South-East Asia. Companies and organizations operating within the ASEAN community are having the chance to recruit well prepared graduates - being aware of each member states’ opportunities and threats, strengths and weaknesses.