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exploreASEAN Bandung Prep-Trip 2016-2017

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Journey Blog exploreASEAN 2017

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Discovering Singapore

# Michael Nutter #

12 hours after landing in Singapore, the highly motivated delegation members were all nicely dressed up and ready to start the first day of the company visits at Leica Geosystems (LGT) and the research lab for future cities of ETH Zurich. After a short bus ride, the delegation arrived at LGT Singapore and was warmly welcomed by the managing director of LGT Singapore. The head of sales and the responsible person for the operations department provided us interesting insights about the structure of the company, future trends in the area of measuring tools and their sales strategies.

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exploreASEAN, Zurich Airport

Let the journey begin…

# Sabina Meta #

Meeting point and time for the onsite trip was Zurich airport at 7 pm on the 5th of April. Everybody was very excited about the upcoming trip. A few exploreASEAN delegation members were a little bit nervous about the two long flights on our way to Singapore.

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