The early bird catches the worm

The early bird catches the worm

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© Minh Ngoc Nguyen Thi, exploreASEAN the delegation visiting the Fashion Garments Ltd

# Jessica Bruhin #

The early bird catches the worm was the moto of this day. The hotel was generous enough to open up the breakfast buffet just for our delegation at 6am. This early wake-up call, however, was necessary, as the planned company visit took place a bit outside of Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, the drivers lack of orientation and refusal to use a navigation service extended the journey by almost an hour. In the end, we managed to arrive at the Fashion Garment Ltd.'s facilities more or less on time. We were then welcomed in the showroom with a short presentation about the company's history and future plans.

The delegation seemed pretty interested in an outlet or factory store, was however disappointed as there was none of such. Afterwards, the delegation was split into two groups and was shown around the production site. First, we saw the cutting hall where the fabrics were cut into different pieces, for which the FGL's customers have provided the corresponding forms. Talking about customers, the FGL's portfolio consists of many well-known brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Pink by Victoria's secret, Levi's, Adidas, Nike, American Eagle etc. Next, the printing and embroidery was visited, followed by the production hall where the separate pieces were sewed together. Then, we were led to the washing facility where they recycle their water and lastly, the packaging and shipping was shown.

Overall, the FGL is very proud of its LEED platinum award received by the US Green Buildings Council showing their commitment to sustainability and environment friendliness. They have a strong commitment to the community as the recruitment only takes place in that neighborhood. Offering different engagement programs, they try to grow and prosper this community. All this is represented in a higher price, nevertheless the offered service quality as well as a speedy delivery time (14 days instead of 120 days) create their competitive advantage which seems to be appreciated given their prestigious customer portfolio.

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