Following Swiss footprints in Vietnam

Following Swiss footprints in Vietnam

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© Minh Ngoc Nguyen Thi, exploreASEAN delegation visiting Jakob Saigon

# Vivian Eido #

Today, two company visits with a Swiss connection were scheduled. After enjoying an extensive breakfast at the hotel, the delegation was ready to tackle the second-last business day in Vietnam. A one-hour bus ride later heading to the northern outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City, we were warmly welcomed by Mr Loi Tran, a member of Jakob Saigon Ltd. The company is a subsidiary of Jakob Rope Systems AG, whose headquarter is based in Trubschachen, Switzerland. Following a short introduction about the company's history and business operations, we were given the possibility to gain first-hand insights into their production facilities. Furthermore, we were able to deepen our knowledge while enjoying a joint lunch at a Japanese restaurant.

In the afternoon, we continued our business day with a second company visit after a short coach ride. Fontina Vietnam is a Swiss-owned company operating in the pottery industry, which has completely shifted its business activities from Europe to Vietnam. Mr Claudius Rüegsegger, who is running the family-owned company, provided us with meaningful information about opportunities and challenges with regard to doing business in Vietnam. In addition, we had the chance to see the fully manufactured products that are ready to be shipped to customers in Switzerland and Germany.

After returning to downtown Ho Chi Minh City, the delegation already made some preparations for the following - and sadly - last business day of this year's on-site seminar.

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