Apply for the Team

Apply for the Team

Profit from unparalleled opportunities

Join the Project- or the PR & Communications-Team and become a part of exploreASEAN 2021-2022


Put your management knowledge and capabilities to the test and apply what you have learned.


Get to know the culture of three different Asian countries.


Meet industry and governmental leaders from Switzerland and Southeast Asia.


Project Manager Role Description

Communication Manager Role Description

How to apply

Your application

Make sure you include the following documents in your application:
1) Motivation letter
2) CV in English or German
3) Two references ​

One from inside the FHNW (Name & phone number; for example Professor)
One reference letter outside the FHNW (for example from previous employers)

Where to apply

The application is open from 28 April 2020 on. Please apply via this site on FHNW Inside. Or click on the Apply now button below.

How to upload

All documents must be merged into one PDF file in the order shown above and named: Family Name_Given Name_Project e.g. Müeller_Maria_exploreASEAN


The Deadline is on the 8th of May 2021 at 09:00 CET