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Established in 2015

Since 2001, the FHNW School of Business has offered final year students a unique chance to broaden their horizon by participating in interdisciplinary projects. exploreASEAN is unique in Switzerland, giving students the chance to plan, organize and lead a venture during a year besides their regular studies.

Our Mission

„Building Bridges for Young Talents” is the foundation and heart of our project vision. We provide young talents with the great opportunity to access the ASEAN markets and to establish a professional network in Southeast Asia. 


Ever since the beginning of exploreASEAN, we have attached great importance to sustainable actions. As an international project, we aim to act responsibly and adequately concerning environmental issues. Our objective is to organize our production and our business in an economically efficient, yet environment friendly way.

We are proud to present the sixth edition of exploreASEAN, which provides young talents with the chance to access the ASEAN community. Each member state of ASEAN has its unique economical, cultural and environmental characteristics. It is challenging to gain an impression of job prospects in each country in Southeast Asia. Our project pursues to give an in-depth understanding of each country to young talents and supports them to gain a foothold in the ASEAN region.

Your exploreASEAN 20/21 Team:
Jonas, Tobias, Michelle, Michelle Serina, Hang, Ann

Project Milestones

Preparatory Seminar
Feb. 14th to 18th 2022

Our delegation will have the opportunity to discuss the characteristics of the ASEAN region together with expert speakers, and also learn how to do business in these emerging markets and expand their personal networks by means of company visits in Switzerland.

Career Fair
Feb. 18th 2022

At the last day of the preparatory seminar our partners will have the opportunity to present their companies and recruit students from various fields of study.

Onsite Seminar
Apr. 7th to 24th 2022

During our On-Site trip, our delegation has the unique opportunity to visit local as well as international companies in Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam, and discover first hand the wheeling and dealings of Southeast Asia.

​Final Event
May 16th 2022

In our closing event, all the four flagship projects of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland will present their experiences made abroad.​

The Team

Jonas Renfer
Responsible for Coordination & Communication

Michelle Widmer
Responsible for the On-Site Seminar

Michelle Serina Kalousek
Responsible for the Preparatory Seminar

Tobias von Burg
Responible for Partnerships and Finances

Hang Thanh Bui
PR and Communications-Manager

Ann-Michelle Hammer
PR and Communications-Manager

The previous Team

ExploreASEAN Team 2019/2020

Alexander Häfeli
Coordination & Communication

Raphael Widmer
On-Site Seminar

Tatiana Christen
Preparatory Seminar

Janine Wyler
Partnerships and Finances

Lukas Tadeu
PR and Communications-Manager

Emily Künzli
PR and Communications-Manager

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The Supervisor of exploreASEAN

Dr. Teresa L. Freiburghaus
Head of Southeast Asia Studies at University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW

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