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exploreASEAN Needs Your Support

This project provides young people with the chance to access the ASEAN community. Informative platforms for graduates - planning to work in ASEAN countries - are missing throughout the web. It is challenging to get an idea about job prospects of each country in Southeast Asia. What does the company abroad expect from graduates? And what skills are requested and how must one prepare to access ASEAN? Our project pursues to give young talents an in-depth understanding of each country and how to gain a foothold in ASEAN.

Your support as partner will ensure continuity and growth of a necessary network. We warmly invite you to support young talents by their attempt to start working abroad successfully. 

This webpage ensures a valuable exchange of knowledge provided by the active participation and experience of the delegation in the preparatory and the onsite seminar. Delegation members and followers will be best prepared for their journey to ASEAN countries - a great benefit for both, company and graduates.

Benefits of Your Contribution

  • Exclusive Access to the CV-Pool

You will be granted access to all CVs of the delegation members. As the delegation is an exclusive selection of talented students in their final year you may find the perfect fit for one of your vacancies among them.

  • Access to Highly Motivated and Talented Students

FHNW hosts more than 12'000 students on three campuses (Basel, Brugg and Olten). Through various project activities on the campuses, we are raising awareness for your institution - your chance to get in touch with possible future employees.

  • Branding

Placements of your company's logo during on-campus activities, in newsletters, on websites and social media platforms will raise awareness among people far beyond the borders of the FHNW. In collaboration with our competent crossmedia partner iDeskpro, you are able to strenghten the company's position on the Internet considerably.

  • Networking and Knowledge Transfer

Become a member of the FHNW network which includes companies from various industries and (non)-governmental organizations. Profit from the knowledge of young talents and have the opportunity to bond with onsite companies benefitting from insights in differentiated product offerings and processes. Our objective here is to create a supportive platform for exactly those beneficial key connections as well as for networking purposes.

Emerging Southeast Asian Markets

This year, exploreASEAN will focus on the three countries Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam. Whereas Singapore has grown to a global business centre, Vietnam and Indonesia are regarded as emerging markets with countless business opportunities.

It is expected that the future development in the region will have great impact on its consumer landscape.
New needs and wants ask for new products and for suppliers capable of understanding local conditions and people’s desires. Therefore, exploreASEAN builds a network and provides a platform for students and companies to become familiar with the ASEAN economies.

We would like to have you on board to exploreASEAN together!

Partnership Booklet 2016 - 2017

exploreASEAN, Partnership

You will find detailed information about your benefits as well as the partnership matrix in our booklet.