The Preparatory Trip 2018 - Indonesia calling!

After a successful trip to Singapore and packed with new exciting memories, the project team travelled to Jakarta, Indonesia for a shorter stay of two days.

The vivid city with more than 10 million inhabitants welcomed the team with its famous traffic jam. Did you know, that the average driving speed is only about 5km/h during rush hours? Thus, it was important for the project team to acclimatize themselves to the new, different environment in Indonesia. On the 6th January, the team used therefore the opportunity to explore the city centre and its surroundings.

The project team started the following day with a visit of the ASEAN secretariat which is the home base of the Association. The members of the ASEAN secretariat follow their important mission to initiate, facilitate and coordinate ASEAN stakeholders’ collaboration to achieve the purposes of ASEAN.

A highlight followed on Kaltrina’s and Caroline’s last day in Indonesia. The project members had the great pleasure to visit Sandmaster‘s CEO, Mr Erwin Spichtig. Sandmaster Inc. is specialized in mastering blasting processes and implement those process into outstanding installations. With an experience of more than 30 years Sandmaster’s products are worldwide known for its reliable and proven technology. Mr Spichtig gave the project team deeper insights into the Indonesian culture, their way of doing business and his personal experience in this country. After a tour through the facilities of Sandmaster, the project team headed directly to the airport. As Mr Spichtig organized the taxi, the entire project team would like to thank him once again for his time and support.

The project team is excited to experience more of this multi-faceted country and visit some other fascinating companies with our delegation in spring. For further impressions of the preparatory trip, visit the media gallery on the website!

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