The explorers`s and their first bridge built in Indonesia

The exploreASEAN delegation with the ITB students

Bandung, Monday 10th of April 2017. Complying with the slogan Building Bridges for Young Talents, the explorers had the chance to have an intercultural exchange with fellow students from the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). There the explorers were received by Fajar Pratama, an Indonesian student in his final year of studies- who was participating in preparatory seminar of exploreASEAN in February 2017.

The gathering was opened with a few words of Dr. Andika Putra Pratama, the organizer of the latter. Following his opening speech, a short video clip produced by Fajar was shown capturing highlights from his stay in February 2017 in Switzerland. With a presentation of the exploreASEAN project, a speed dating session and a buddy-allocation, the Indonesian students and the Swiss delegation were bond which was especially perceptible in the afternoon of the same day when the explorers and the fellow students from Bandung headed to a batik factory in Bandung. Within the Batik factory premises, both, the Indonesian and the Swiss delegation ensembled and participated in a workshop where they could produce a piece of batik textile with help of the factory employees. After exploring the batik shop and buying giveaways for family and friends the explorers said goodbye to their new made Indonesian friends and headed back to Jakarta.

On the way back to Jakarta, the delegation stopped at a typical Indonesian restaurant called Maranggi Cimbungu where the entire delegation got a taste of Indonesian cuisine and etiquette. Learn more on our onsite blog and don`t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn to learn more about exploreASEAN!

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