The explorers and the research fields to be investigated!

Vivian Eido, Martina Deplazes and Ermin Milanovic will create valuable content in Southeast Asia

Each and every member of the exploreASEAN delegation has selected a research topic for the onsite seminar. Together with a supervising lecturer, the delegation will write a research paper on topics such as “International Trade in Singapore” and “Vocational Education system in Vietnam”. We wanted to know more about those two specific research topics and asked the authors for a short interview.

“As Vietnam is having a huge population and strong growth, education for the labour force is highly important right now”, said Vivian Eido - one student of exploreASEAN’s delegation. Working on a joint research paper on the vocational education system in Vietnam compared to it in Switzerland, Vivian Eido and Martina Deplazes are looking forward to enrich their knowledge regarding this topic here on the onsite event. They expect to learn more about possible collaborations as well as clusters of educational institutions and companies that require skilled labour force in Vietnam. Beside what they can find from academic sources, the local network during the onsite seminar is strongly needed. Additionally, the two students are curious to find out about the demand and reliance of the companies we are visiting towards Vietnamese skilled labour.

exploreASEAN delegation member Ermin Milanovic is researching on the topic “International Trade in Singapore”. “It is crucial to experience the countries onsite in order to connect the information gathered in Switzerland”, explained Ermin, who seeks to identify the key players and the recent development of Singapore as central point of international trade. Meanwhile, Ermin collects information on the economy of the ASEAN member states pointing out the most important industries and businesses in Southeast Asia. He believes that Singapore will further develop its position as the central point of trade in Asia while becoming the world market leader especially in the commodity trading business. “I am confident that the impressions along with the knowledge gathered on the onsite event will contribute to a successful research paper and will leave a positive image of countries and companies under investigation”, said Ermin.

Those were only two out of 11 interesting topics that are going to be elaborated on the onsite seminar. Here you find the remaining topics with the respective authors:

Michael Nutter Fintech in Asia country
Meta Sabina & Nicolas Egger Growth in Southeast Asia
Stefan Dreyfus & Melanie Pranjic Vietnam and TPP
Jessica Bruhin Vietnam Relations to its neighbours
Stefanie Huber & Fabienne Flury Economic geographical profile of Indonesia
Nicole Stuber Overview about the health system in Vietnam
Soner Aydin Business networking in ASEAN
Philipp Stäheli Overview about health system in Indonesia
Timo Kühnis International trade in Indonesia

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