Switzerland goes Vietnam

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In the morning the exploreASEAN delegation visited the Fontina Viet Nam Co. in HCMC. Fontina is a family business, runned by the Swiss Claudius Rüegsegger, which exports pottery products to Central Europe. Around 100 local workers process hand-made pots and ceramic accessories produced from local businesses and prepare them for exports. Mr. Rüegsegger gave us first-hand insights about doing business in Vietnam and about challenges and opportunities he sees in this country. “The Vietnamese are hard working, flexible, fast learning and solution oriented people” he points out. Furthermore, the country has a long tradition in pottery products and therefore has a perfect basis for Fontina. Challenges can be the human resource management, the supply chain management as well as problems with the infrastructure and the communication. However, the opportunities exceed the challenges. “Sometimes you need to jump to achieve your goals” Rüegsegger says and tries to motivate the Swiss to keep looking forward and have their eyes open for opportunities.

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