Pottery in Vietnam

After a relaxing night and a very traditional breakfast in the hotel, the delegation could start again into a new day in Hanoi.  Unfortunately, it was not possible to visit ABB at their site in Hanoi. But with the good and flexible planning of the project team, they could manage to come up with another interesting program which included the visit of the Bat Trang Ceramic Village. So, the delegation met early in the morning in the hotel lobby and took the coach towards the village. After our arrival it was very impressive to see why it is called the “Village”. A lot of ceramic factories and ceramic stores were built in mass, followed by each other, house to house. There we had an appointment in a family owned manufacturing site, with the owners of third generation, to visit their small production-store. We had the opportunity to watch the pottery employees at their work stations and could follow the whole process of potting. Afterwards the owners accompanied the delegation to the visitor center where we could try our skills in pottery. With a short introduction in to the old art of plotter, each one of us has been given some clay to build a cup, bowl or plate. With some assistance of the local work site all of us started successfully into it. But after some time and mistakes the results were no more identifiable by most of the people which ended in funny situation to recover the heap of clay. Because of time issues even the good outcomes could not be burned in order to take them home. After the visit we headed back to the hotel to pack the luggage and check-out of the hotel. In the afternoon the delegation could individually take lunch in the city and explore Hanoi one last time before leaving with the coach to the airport.

Luckily the following flight was a domestic one to Ho-Chi-Minh-City and not like the other flights we had on our journey. This made the check-in, as well as the security check very uncomplicated. It was also not needed to arrive many hours before departure, which was comfortable for all of us. Only 1 hour and 45 minutes later we arrived in Ho-Chi-Minh-City. We could grab our luggage and easily head to the exit were the next coach waited for us to bring us in to the city.

The last hotel of our trip is the Continental Saigon which was built in 1880 and is still looking very old fashioned. Also, the rooms and interior are designed very nostalgic with the flair of this time. The check-in ended this day and all of us are looking forward to explore Ho-Chi-Minh-City and experience the differences of this city to Hanoi.

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