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exploreASEAN Preparatory Seminar 2015-2016 © photography 2016 by ideskpro

February 6th, 2017. Although it is the second year that exploreASEAN organizes a preparatory seminar, it still seems to be new to the majority of the students studying in one of the FHNW campuses. So, what is this preparatory seminar about and what is it for?

Basically, it is meant to serve as a grounding for the delegation to gather insights which are crucial to attend the onsite trip. For that reason, numerous guest speakers were invited beforehand to join the approaching preparatory seminar, providing the participants with crucial knowledge that is needed on the onsite trip in April. However, it can also be attended without joining the onsite trip and it is rewarded with 1 ECTS.

Today, the exploreASEAN team is honored to announce special guest speakers who will attend this year`s preparatory week. The first special guest speaker is the Ambassador from Indonesia, who will join the seminar on Monday (13th of February 2017, 3 pm) and share the comparable insights regarding Indonesia and Switzerland.

The second special guest is the Ambassador from Vietnam who will elaborate on the relation between Vietnam and Switzerland (on Tuesday 03.30 pm). His input session will be closed casually with a Lunar New Year Celebration, including traditional Vietnamese dinner prepared by the Restaurant Aareblick from Aarburg at FHNW Olten Campus.

On Wednesday, 15th of February 2017, all participants will adjourn to two different companies.  In the morning, they will be heading to exploreASEAN`s partner Straumann AG where the delegation will have the chance to visit Straumann’s dental implants production in Villeret. The afternoon visit will take place at Blaser Swisslube AG, the main joint partner of the four international student projects, where a guided tour at the production facilities in Hasle-Rüegsau is planned.

The following day promises to be an interactive one as the participants will be actively taking part in roundtable discussions in the presence of different experts on the three countries of interest, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.

The 5th day of the preparatory week is the so called “Joint-Friday”, where every participant of all four international students project will come together and enjoy the speech of Dr. J. P. Lehmann, the founder of the Evian Group and the following panel discussions led by Dr. J. P. Lehmann, Dr. J. Atteslander, Dr. R. Strahm and Dr. K. Ters.

To download our preparatory booklet as an interactive PDF click here. To download our preparatory as an eBook, please click here. For Windows User: Please download a eBook reader application to read the booklet.

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