More Insights from our Preparatory Seminar 2018

The 4th day of the seminar has been opened by the CEO of Bruno Lehmann AG, Simon Lehmann. He provided us with his personal experience with entering a the Indonesian market and building up a company in such a different cultural environment than in Switzerland. It was fascinating how he kept going through all the significant challenges, even at the point where the company in Indonesia almost needed to be shut down. His perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit made the set-up possible.

Roundtable Discussion

The most important part of the day has been the roundtable discussion, together with expert lectures from Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. It was an interactive session, where students had the possibility to ask directly questions to the lecturers, whether it was to understand cultural differences or gain more knowledge about the country’s respective business practices. Through the roundtable discussion one was able to to capture key differences between the ASEAN countries. It could be noted, that the ASEAN community has potential to grow further together and narrow the economical gaps between them.

In the afternoon, we had the honor to welcome Mr Nik Glatthard, an attorney in Switzerland, who is also the chairman of the Young Professional Committee and a member of the executive board of the SACC. His presentation involved the social, politic and cultural challenges and opportunities to start doing business in ASEAN as a young professional. He pointed out that starting a business in ASEAN requires to understand the language, be educated, to use your personal network and none at least to be bold. To be locally present in the market is a key success from his point of view.

Thanks to Mr Schmid, who manages now the Laser Tracker product line of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence in Singapore, we could hear another success story of a young professional establishing a career in Southeast Asia

Finally, we enjoyed an interesting closing speech of Ms Quynh Huong Nguyen who introduced us to insights how to do business in Vietnam and understand also the country’s business culture. We learned, that Vietnam is doing significant economic progress in the field of education, health services and financial technology. Beside that she could give us valuable tips to negotiate with business partners in Vietnam.

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