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exploreASEAN visit at Puspiptek © photography 2016 by exploreASEAN

The first impressions were overwhelming when the team landed in Jakarta on 15 of December, a city of nearly 10 million inhabitants. In Jakarta, at Puspiptek, Lehmann and Sandmaster the team was welcomed very kindly by the hosts and was shown the production and research facilities. Bandung, a city roughly 150 kilometers southeast of Jakarta, was the last stop on the preparatory trip. In collaboration with the Bandung Institute of Technology, an exciting program has been organized for the delegation in April 2017!

On 15 of December in the afternoon, the project team landed in Jakarta, the capital and largest city of Indonesia. For the next day, a visit at Puspiptek was scheduled where the team was kindly received by Dr. Sri Setiawati. She explained to the team that Puspiptek is neither a company nor a university, but an incubation center where students from universities with interesting prototypes of products are being recruited. After the assessment, they are trained to become young entrepreneurs that will be capable of financing and selling their inventions on the market.

Dr. Sri Setiawati further elaborated, that Puspiptek is supported by the National Research Council of Indonesia and includes 49 research centers in their Tangerang location which comprises an area of 460 hectars! It is here where the products of tomorrow are being developed by 5’000 researchers for the Indonesian and worldwide market.

In the afternoon, PT. Lehmann Technology Asia and Sandmaster, the only Swiss SME’s in Indonesia, welcomed the project team in their production facilities. On one hand, the team received detailed information about the Indonesian people and their business culture by Ms Sari Effha, Managing Director at PT. Lehmann Technology Asia. On the other hand, at Sandmaster, together with the Director Mr Erwin Spichtig, the team learned about the difficulties working as a Swiss in the Indonesian environment while also recognizing the benefits of having its production there. For labor intensive products for example, it pays off to produce in Indonesia since the labor costs are relatively lower in Indonesia than in Switzerland.

The next day, the project team was driven to Bandung by car organized by Puspiptek. While Bandung is much smaller than Jakarta with 2.5 million habitants, it is still the 3rd biggest city in Indonesia and by far bigger than all Swiss cities.

The last stop was the Bandung Institute of Technology, one of the most famous technical universities in Indonesia. Together with Dr. Andika Putra Pratama, the project team was able to plan exciting activities for the delegation in April 2017. At this point, surprises better remain secret but one thing may be revealed, a local company visit is planned!

Heading home on 20 of December seemed as unreal as arriving for the first time in each of these three countries, all different in their own way. But one is the same for all destinations; Interesting activities and visits have been planned for the seminar in April 2017 and the team is looking forward very much to bringing the delegation to exploreASEAN together!

That is it from Indonesia and from the preparatory trip. As a summary, the preparatory trip enabled the exploreASEAN project to organize company visits, to check transportation ways and to ensure an overall, smooth flow of the onsite seminar for the delegation. Once again, the project team would like to express their sincere thanks to our partners for enabling this project. Without their kind support, this project would cease to exist.

For further impressions of the preparatory trip, visit the media gallery on the website!

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