Insights to Vietnam's fishing industry

It is Friday the 11th of April and there are only four days left until we return to Switzerland. Yesterday we had a very exhausting program, not at least because of a highly competitive football match under extreme conditions. Anyway the original program of today was extended with some additional activities. In order to push the new program through, we had to meet at around 06:15 in the hotel lobby to avoid the traffic jam and thus skip the long awaited breakfast. At the beginning we met Miss Kimberly Le. She was very nice and was accompanying us for the rest of the day.

First stop was the Hung Vuong Seafood Company. Hung Vuong was established in 2003. Their named guideline is "Your satisfaction is our successfulness" and their slogan one could find everywhere on posters and pictures is: "Think of fish, eat panga". The company manages almost the whole cycle from breeding, feeding, raising, processing and finally distributing their fish. So our program today promised us to give interesting insights about some of the company's activities and tasks. After a short introduction about Hung Vuong, we were able to visit one of the company's fish processing factories. We could observe how a just caught fish arrived the factory and was processed in just few minutes into its final end product. At this point of time probably everybody was happy, that they had not a breakfast to the full extent.

The second stop was the TTC Group where they made bags for different usages. The final stop before our delicious lunch was the Cung Nghinh Chu Ton Duc Thang where we could see one of Southeast Asia biggest Buddha's. In the afternoon we made a very exciting boat trip to the Aqua Farming of Hung Vuong. In total there were 23 of those huge artificial pools with countless fish in it. The fish farm was our last stop as delegation today. On our way back to the hotel almost everybody fell asleep in just a few minutes. With our last ounce of strength most of us made it then the restaurant "El Gaucho" an Argentinean Steakhouse where we had a more than earned dinner

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