exploreASEAN is all set - the onsite starts today!

Olten, 5th of April 2017. The time has come, the bags are packed as the onsite seminar starts today! In focus, three Southeast Asian countries, among them Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam which endorse 7 exceptional cities all to be explored in around two and a half weeks. But what is the onsite all about? The onsite seminar is an intensive international student seminar which enables a delegation of supervisors and scholars from different study fields to get firsthand business insights abroad. It offers a unique opportunity to expand their business knowledge and networks in Southeast Asia. The same forthcoming onsite seminar was organized by the exploreASEAN project team with a great contribution of the FHNW and numerous partners.

To better keep track of what the explorers will experience during their seminar, partners, followers and fans will be updated by blog entries encompassing impressions and experiences among the delegation. These experience reports will be published on a daily basis on the exploreASEAN website.

Thus, stay tuned and don`t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn to learn more about exploreASEAN!

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