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Leica Geosystems company visit
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On the journey in Singapore the project team received an insight into the production site of Leica Geosystems, the office facilities of the Future City Laboratory and met the Sales Director Asia Pacific of Straumann.

The latter, Philipp Nüesch, expressed his support for exploreASEAN and is delighted to share his expertise in doing business in Southeast Asia with this year`s delegation. Since the foundation of the distribution in Singapore, Straumann explored and started business in several countries of ASEAN including Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore. Thanks to his experience in these countries, Philipp Nüesch has become a valuable and appreciated partner for the exploreASEAN project.

Furthermore, the project team was also excited to visit Leica Geosystems, a Swiss manufacturer of high-precision measurement systems. The products are used for the construction of roads and buildings. Mrs. Koh Gek Hoon, regional HR Director at Leica Geosystems, warmly welcomed the project team at their premises and explained the manufacturing process of the products. To the project team`s amazement, Leica Geosystems has a museum exposing all its products including some of the first precision instrument ever produced at Leica Geosystems.

As a third stop, the project team visited Future City Laboratory of the Singapore-ETH centre. The offices are located at the National University of Singapore and as the name already reveals, it is all about constructing the city of the future. Future City Laboratory addresses various aspects such as waste, pollution reduction, energy and water supply. Dr. Remo Burkhard and his team envision the cities of tomorrow by creating increased energy efficiency and higher living standards. Throughthis joint initiative with the Singapore National Research Foundation, Swiss knowledge is easily transmitted from Singapore to Switzerland and vice versa which enables the creation of added value for both parties.

This was it from Singapore. Stay tuned for our last report and learn about the impressions the project team gathered in Indonesia. Visit our media gallery on the website for all the visuals from the preparatory trip!

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