exploreASEAN getting ready for the onsite seminar in April 2017

exploreASEAN preparatory trip - Company visit at Fontina Vietnam
exploreASEAN company visit at Fontina Vietnam © photography 2016 by exploreASEAN

During the preparatory trip the exploreASEAN team appreciated the valuable support and the warm welcome from their project partners. Thanks to the fruitful meetings, an attractive program for the onsite seminar in April 2017 is assured.

On December 12, 2016 the project team landed in Vietnam, where numerous meetings with partners were scheduled. The first appointment led the team to the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City to visit Claudius Rüegsegger, Director of Fontina in Vietnam. The factory designs and produces different types of pottery including vases and decorations for outdoor surroundings. The team was invited to an interesting company tour, on which they could have a glance at Fontina's high-quality products and observe how the local design goods were manufactured. The processes and products displayed a high production standard mirroring the high standards we know from Switzerland. The team is happy about Fontina's confirmation of the company visit in April 2017 and is looking forward to bringing the exploreASEAN delegation to this exciting tour in Ho Chi Minh City!

For the next day two visits were scheduled simultaneously, so the team split in two representatives each and met Dien Quang and the Saigon Innovation Hub. While Dien Quang is one of the most successful manufacturers for electronic goods in Vietnam, Saigon Innovation Hub is known for its role as startup-enabler in Ho Chi Minh City. The project team was eager to visit the Dien Quang facilities and the very sophisticated factory near Ho Chi Minh City and agreeing on a collaboration of the Saigon Innovation Hub with exploreASEAN .

After the successful visits, the project team united again to meet Beat Schürch, COO of Dragon Capital in Vietnam. He provided the team with interesting insights into the financial market of Vietnam and thanks to his experience and profound knowledge of the country and Asia in general, he was able to also deliver unique information about the Vietnamese and Asian mentality. A valuable conversation around the Asian culture and its differences compared to the Swiss mentality evolved.

Following the agenda, the project team visited a branch of the Swiss IT company ELCA as well as DKSH, provider of market expansion services. Two members of the project team were welcomed at DKSH by Jorge Martin Martinez, while the other half visited Jean Paul Tschumi and Nguyen Thi Thanh Phuong at ELCA Vietnam. With his meanwhile 15 years of experience in Vietnam as Managing Director, Jean Paul Tschumi was able to give the project team an initial understanding of the Vietnamese IT market and pointed out the rapid development of the sector. DKSH is also a particularly experienced and valued Swiss company in Vietnam, serving a wide range of customers across different industries and therefore being a precious partner for exploreASEAN .

For the last meeting in Vietnam, the project team visited Mr. Othmar Hardegger, Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City. In his office located in the Bitexco Tower, the team had the opportunity to enjoy a panoramic city view and engage in a conversation with Mr. Hardegger explaining development, changes and challenges for a broad variety of sectors and industries in Vietnam and especially in Ho Chi Minh City.

That it is from Ho Chi Minh City! Stay tuned for the report about Singapore and Indonesia and check out our media gallery on the website!

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