exploreASEAN and Delegation get together

exploreASEAN first Kick-Off 08-12-2016
exploreASEAN Delegation Kick-Off December 8, 2016 © photography 2016 by Kristiana Basic

Thursday, 8th of December 2016, the kick-off assembly of the delegation was held at the FHNW in the Von Roll Facility in Olten. It was here where the delegation, composed of students from distinct study programs as well as professors from various fields of expertise, met to get an overview about the exploreASEAN onsite and preparatory seminar. One student winning the final competition was the highlight and closing of the kick-off briefing session which afterwards turned into a casual Apéro where the whole delegation enjoyed snacks and drinks.

The briefing was opened by Timo Dätwyler, exploreASEAN project coordinator and finance manager, introducing the project team members including himself, the communication team and the respective Supervisor Dr. Prof. Teresa Freiburghaus. Thereafter the briefing touched on the existing partnerships of the project.

Following the introduction, the delegation was asked to participate in a creative challenge. Everyone present at the event drew one’s own expectations and motivation for visiting Southeast Asia on a piece of paper, given the time limitation of one minute. The aim of the task was to learn more about each one and to have a deeper understanding of what is expected from the onsite seminar.

After enjoying the presentations of the little art pieces, the actual briefing started which entailed relevant information concerning further proceedings, the upcoming preparatory seminar and the onsite trip.

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