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Today, we had to get up quite early to catch our flight to Hanoi, Vietnam. Despite of a few turbulences, we finally arrived in Hanoi around 1pm. We all were pretty surprised because of the rainy and cold weather and it somehow reminded us of Switzerland. After we arrived in our “Impressive Hotel”, which definitely was very impressive, they served us fruits and delicious drinks.

Before we started our cooking class in the late afternoon at KOTO, we had a rest for a few hours and the chance to explore the city. Unexpectedly, we encountered a lot of tourists which were also walking through the streets and the stalls. The city was crowded with too many motorcycles and cars. Therefore, it was a huge challenge to cross any streets safely. Later we headed back to the hotel in the lobby were everyone was ready to experience a culinary evening with KOTO.

KOTO is a non-profit social enterprise that empowers at-risk and disadvantages youth in Vietnam through its holistic training program. It is guided by their philosophy “Know one- Teach one”. As soon as we arrived, the employees were all very motivated and friendly to us.

Today’s dinner was:

  • Baked fish in banana leaves
  • Rockling fish and pineapple spring roll
  • Pomelo salad with prawns

We had a lot of fun preparing all the traditional dishes and furthermore, it was exciting to eat our own food. At the end of this amazing dinner, we surprisingly received a certificate for completing the cooking class. This evening will be remained as an unforgettable experience for us.

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