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Insights into Indonesia

Mr Timbul Situmorang, the Minister-Counsellor of the Indonesian Embassy, opened the day with an insightful speech about the cultural, business and economic aspects of Indonesia. Mr Situmorang highlighted that the Indonesian government is increasingly investing in its educational system and aims to develop the vocational training program in the country. Business wise, the government wants to help the startup environment in Indonesia and Mr Situmorang mentioned the rise of Indonesia’s ranking on the Ease of doing Business, according to the latest World Bank reports. We acquired further economic updates of Indonesia through Mr Jesse Ng. He emphasized the government’s efforts to boost tax revenue and the investment in cyber agency to tackle extremism and fake news in the country. The government’s future priorities for economic growth are the fight against corruption, investment in infrastructure and people development.

Insights into Vietnam

Ms Ngo Minh Nguyet, the Consular of Vietnamese Embassy to the Confederation of Switzerland, explained us that Vietnam is on the road to prosperity. Vietnam could attract its highest level of foreign investment since 10 years. For Vietnam, it is the year of startups and with the growth of internet and social media the startup environment can be further promoted.

Besides the profound insights that we received today, we had the honor to welcome a speech of Mr Marco Borer from the UBS Innovation Hub about the recent technological innovations in Asia and could also enjoy important cultural insights of Ms Nguyen Ngoc and Mr Syarif Hidayatullah. Thank you for taking us closer to the ASEAN community today!

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