A new chapter begins

The 3rd edition of exploreASEAN 2017/18 is history! 

But the story continues..Shortly after the final event of all international student projects, the search for new project managers started intensively. After a short application period the international student projects received numerous applications of high-potential students that have the determination and ability to manage the new project edition. This project provides them the opportunity to gain valuable project management skills in an international context and expand their professional network.  

We are happy to share the news that the new members of exploreASEAN 2018/19 are selected! The “former” project team of exploreASEAN had already the chance to meet the project managers of the 4th edition and completed the handover of the project. 

The new project managers are: 

Jesse Chung, Coordination & Communication 

Florence Widmann, Partnership & Finance

Susan Prada, Preparatory Seminar 

Kevin Sommer, Onsite Seminar 

As of now, the new project team will continue to carry the vision of exploreASEAN to Build Bridges for Young Talents and work towards the milestones of the project to organise the preparatory week and the onsite seminar coming up in 2019. 

We wish the new team a successful project start and all the best for this exciting new chapter!

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