A Day in Singapore - Part II

Today the delegation of exploreASEAN had the chance to visit Zühlke in Singapore and meet Michael Schnyder und Stefan Sarbach. Zühlke is an independent Solutions partner to other businesses. They are mainly offering digital, technological and engineering support for different kinds of projects.

We met today bright and early in the lobby and started walking towards the working space where the presentation of Zühlke was going to beheld. During the short walk of around 10 minutes, we were able to see more of the beautiful city of Singapore. Afterwards, we arrived at the location and were greeted with a very warm welcome. Both, Mister Schnyder and Mister Sarbach gave a great presentation about Zühlke and why they decided to expand to Asia. Furthermore, they explained why Zühlke chose Singapore to expand to and all the threats and opportunities related to an expansion into Southeast Asia. Mister Schnyder also gave us a better understanding of the cultural differences between Singapore and Switzerland and how that affects the way they are doing business with their clients and also how they are working internally. It was interesting to hear how they tackle those cultural differences and the challenges related to them.

I personally found the presentation very insightful because they gave real-life examples to all the points they were making. It was also very interesting to hear their point of view on doing business in Asia because Zühlke only expanded to Asia 10 months ago. This meant that a lot of the challenges but also the opportunities are still present for Zühlke which makes all the examples they gave much more relatable.  Nevertheless, they were very happy to be in Singapore and to make use of all the great opportunities this country can bring to Zühlke. The presentation today gave me new insights and a lots of topics to talk about during our free time in the afternoon.

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