exploreASEAN Kuala Lumpur Onsite event 2015-2016
exploreASEAN Kuala Lumpur Onsite event 2015-2016
exploreASEAN Delegation Kick-off meeting 2016
exploreASEAN Singapore Prep-Trip 2016-2017
exploreASEAN Singapore Prep-Trip 2016-2017
exploreASEAN Team-2016-2017
exploreASEAN Jakarta Prep-Trip 2016-2017

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Building Bridges to Southeast Asia

exploreASEAN Map Asean countries, Southeast Asia

We are proud to present exploreASEAN, which is providing young people with the chance to access the ASEAN community.

Each member state of ASEAN has its unique economical, cultural and environmental characteristics. It is challenging to gain an impression of job prospects in each country in Southeast Asia. Our project pursues to give an in-depth understanding of each country to young talents and supports them to gain a foothold in ASEAN.

Emerging Southeast Asian Markets

This year, exploreASEAN will focus on the three countries Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam. Whereas Singapore has grown to a global business centre, Vietnam and Indonesia are regarded as emerging markets with countless business opportunities.

Considering this positive outlook, we name the 2016/2017 exploreASEAN project “Emerging Southeast Asian Markets”. It is expected that the future development in the region will have great impact on its consumer landscape. New needs and wants ask for new products and for suppliers capable of understanding local conditions and people’s desires. Therefore,  exploreASEAN builds a network and provides a platform for students and companies to get familiar with the ASEAN economies. We would like to have you on board to  exploreASEAN together!

exploreASEAN, ASEAN, Team 2016 - 2017, Timo Dätwyler, Umberto Verde, Luisa Pilla, Tobias Märki
Timo Dätwyler, Umberto Verde, Luisa Pilla, Tobias Märki


We are happy to take you with us on our journey.

Your exploreASEAN Team 2016/2017

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Latest news

A new partner complements our existing supporters: HACO, Straumann and VBV

HACO and Straumann were already partners when exploreASEAN was founded in 2015. They are both global players, yet active in very different fields. While HACO provides innovative tailor-made food products for every customer's need, Straumann excels at creating top quality implants for the restorative as well as the regenerative dentistry. Our new partner VBV on the other hand, is committed to offering training and development in the field of insurance. We are very pleased to count on the renewed support of HACO and Straumann and welcome our new partner VBV. Read more about our supporters at exploreASEAN here!


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